Sportlerprofil by Larasch

Discovering new paths

Dear friends, liebe Freunde, cari amici,

Like some of you already know, since 2019 I have been supported by Larasch. If you don’t already know it, Larasch is an abbreviation for “Laufen-Radfahren-Schwimmen” that in English means: ”run-cycle-swim”. It is a small community of young German sport enthusiasts, who write reports, do interviews and produce videos to keep you up to date about what is going on. This year Larasch started to work with the sport brand Mizuno. They created a project together which I joined and for that, we have made many different kinds of videos. The first was shot in Frankfurt and it is about who I am and how I started running. At the same place, we did also a series of ten coaching videos about core stability and stretching exercises to prevent injuries and to strengthen our body. After we started to prepare six videos to explain our challenge and main aim: the half marathon in Amsterdam. In these short sequences, I explain my preparation, and I speak about my experience. I also give some tips on adjusting the weekly plan and eating what makes you full and happy. In addition, I recommend taking breaks, relaxing yourself and listening to our body. I still think that these are very important parts of preparations for any goal. The last video we have done is about the run in Amsterdam. For this event, Larasch and Mizuno sponsored another runner as well: Marcel. He competed very well and just a few weeks after running the Marathon in Berlin. English subtitles are going to be added to most of these videos. I really appreciate that because even though I have been living in Germany for four years, many of my friends are still Italian. At the same time, I am now spending three terrific months in Ireland where I have joined up a fantastic running club named Crusaders and I am still making new friends here as well. Therefore, it is important for me that these people as well have the possibility to know a bit more about my experiences.

So, keep going: learn more about Larasch and Mizuno and watch the videos! I am now looking forward to write shorter articles in more languages. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. The Cross Country season has already started and I will shortly be writing about it!